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Why a Greece Cruise is a Great Idea

Greece is a magical land filled with many beautiful cities and islands to see. From the beautiful blue top houses of Santorini to the gorgeous sand and turquoise waters of Mykonos.  There is just so much to see and do. This is why many choose to do a Mediterranean cruise.  There are just so many benefits to doing a cruise, it's hard to pass up.

Most Mediterranean cruises begin and end in beautiful Venice, Italy.  To begin this cruise you would fly into Venice.  It is recommended that you arrive a day early and fly home the day after the cruise.  This is to make sure you don’t experience any problems in case your flight is delayed.  But this is also an opportunity to see Venice and knock it off your bucket list too.  Take an evening gondola ride, a private wine tasting, or a guided tour of Venice to really capitalize on the time you have there.

There are usually no sea days on Mediterranean cruises.  People keep asking me what that means.  That means every single day you will stop at a different port.  Most cruises include at least 24 hours or more at sea. But on a Mediterranean Cruise, each morning that you wake up, you can get off the ship for a new experience.  

Affordable.  The summer months of Greece are the most expensive because of the beautiful weather.  

A hotel room in Santorini alone averages between $300-$600 per night in the summer. Cruising the summer months will save you a great deal in lodging alone.  And then remember that all of your meals, and entertainment are also included in the cost of your cruise.  And if you’re traveling with us, your beverages, wifi, and upgraded dining are included as well!  

No matter how you travel, a trip to Greece is not going to be cheap.  But if Greece has been on your bucket list, I highly suggest you consider taking an unforgettable Mediterranean Cruise.  And if you plan to take a Mediterranean Cruise, I would love it if you would cruise with us.  



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