Where in the World?

We have been grounded for a pretty long time now. Canceled trips, working from home, schooling from home. Some people are really just ready for a getaway. If you feel like it’s just about time for a trip, you may be wondering where in the world can you go? Some places have closed their borders to tourists, and some have not. Some have specific requirements for entry. How can you keep it all straight?

Always check the state department for information regarding international travel.


Besides that, here is a summary of some popular destinations and their requirements for travel. I chose these destinations because they have been the most lenient with US travelers to date.

Use this summary as a guide only. Be sure to verify the information is still accurate before booking any travel as the information is likely to change.

Countries requiring a negative Covid-19 test before travel and upon arrival

In addition, you may be asked to complete additional health screenings upon arrival. Some resorts have been approved for your stay. These resorts have met all health and safety requirements set by their health department.

  • Anguilla

  • Bermuda

Countries requiring just one negative test.

These countries require that you present proof of a negative COVID-19 test when you arrive at the airport or before travel. Some will allow you to take a test on arrival at your own cost. Take care to look for the timeframe of the test. Each country has specific requirements for the time frame of your test. Most are requiring that your test be taken 5 days or less before your trip.

  • Barbados

  • Jamaica

  • St. Lucia