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When to Visit Barcelona

Thinking of traveling to Barcelona?

Wondering what the weather will be like so you know what to pack?

We are going to breakdown what the weather is like year-round and the best time for you to visit Barcelona.

What is the average temperature in Barcelona?

Here are the average temperatures so you can get an idea of what to expect, what to pack, and be prepared for what is to come.

And if you are wondering… what are the best months for a visit to Barcelona?

As you might have noticed from the table up above. The weather in Barcelona is well-balanced out considering that it does have seasons.

However, if you are looking to experience the perfect weather you'll want to plan your trip around May to the end of July. This is the time for the most optimal weather and September is also a good month to come visit as the weather is still warm.

August is generally hot and humid. It can peak at 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If you love the humid heat then this is the perfect time of the year for you to visit Barcelona. Seriously though, the extra humidity makes the temperature seem even hotter. Be cautious if you visit around this time of year if you are sensitive to heat. If you decide to visit Barcelona in August then make sure to choose a hotel room with air conditioning. You will want to make sure that your hotel has air conditioning because not all of them do.

Check the temperature first for your favorite season when picking the best time for you

to plan your trip to Barcelona.

Pick the best season for you and book your trip!

We know you will love it!



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