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What's Your View

Does a room with a view really matter?

You’ve decided on your vacation destination.  You picked a perfect time to travel.  You have your travel companions picked out, and you know the perfect resort.  All done right?  Wrong!!! You’re just getting started.  Now that you have that all settled, you have to decide on your view. 

Does it matter?  Short answer, It could.  For some it may not matter, but for others it could make or break your vacation, especially if you were expecting something, and ended up with something else.  So, let’s go over some of the more common room categories at a resort.  

Standard rooms are your basic room category.   You will have a room and the same privileges as just about anyone else at the resort.  But when you look out your window, you shouldn’t expect to see anything special.  Some resorts' standard room will have a view of a garden or maybe even a courtyard. If this is the case, it will most likely be specified.   

Oceanview vs Oceanfront. This is where most of the confusion comes in.  These 2 categories are not the same.  If you have paid for an Oceanview room, you will indeed have a view of the ocean. Sometimes you will be able to view the ocean from inside the room.  Sometimes you will be able to see the ocean from your bed or couch even. The view may be obstructed.  In rare cases, the only way to see the ocean is by leaning over the balcony and squinting. But if you can see even the slightest sliver of water from any place in your room or balcony you have an Oceanview room.  

Oceanfront, on the other hand means you will have full view of the ocean, right in front of you. If you choose to stay in an Oceanfront room that means your room will face the ocean and offer one of the resort’s best views. The picture in this article is the view from my Oceanfront room on vacation. Oceanfront will be more expensive than an Oceanview, but as you can see, the views are amazing.  

Bonus, Swim up suite.   A relatively new concept, the swim up suites are some of the most expensive but most desirable room categories you can get. With a swim up suite you have direct access to the resort’s pool from your room.  You can step out of your suite and dive right into the pool whenever you feel like it. No carrying towels, books, drinks or other paraphernalia down to the pool – you’re always right there! 

So is it worth it to upgrade to a room with a view?? Well that is really all up to you!



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