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What Does The European Travel Ban Mean for Americans?

In a news report from The New York Times, The European Union is opening its borders to travelers from 15 countries, but it's not allowing Americans to enter their borders because the United States has failed to curve the spread of coronavirus. 

The US isn’t the only country on the blocklist as Russia, India, and Brazil are also deemed too risky because of the spread of the virus. 

The United States has had more than 2.3 million Coronavirus cases and 120,000 deaths, more than any other country. 

The European border closure, which came in late March applied to most countries outside of the EU, but the new ban will call out several countries that have handled outbreaks poorly and have seen increases in cases.

What Countries are allowed in:






· Montenegro

· Morocco

·New Zealand


· Serbia

· South Korea


· Tunisia


*China is not on the initial list, but the EU is willing to place it on that list if the Chinese government reciprocates and allows EU citizens to enter its borders.

If your country isn’t on the list, are you officially banned from entering the EU?

Not exactly, The EU doesn’t have control of any of its member states’ borders. However, it’s unlikely that any country will deviate from the recommendations and guidelines defined by the EU.

Can you travel via another country to get around the rules?

No, you’ll be judged by your place of residence, rather than where you are traveling from. The same is true if your country isn’t on the list, but you’re a resident of a country that is on the list.

Lastly, How long will the Ban last?  ​​European officials have said that the list will be reviewed every 2 weeks. If/When the situation is under better control in the United States, the ban will be lifted.  The same is true should any Country’s situation worsen.  So, the good news is, the ban is only temporary and can be lifted as soon as things are better controlled here. 



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