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Try Something New in the Bahamas!

Taking a cruise or visiting a resort in the Bahamas. That's great, but what will you do when you get there? There are plenty of options for you - don’t you worry!

We have you covered on some popular things that you can do there.

With purchase to the Pig Beach, you can visit five islands in one day on this powerboat tour. This is a great choice for first-time visitors to the Bahamas and if you are a nature lover.

The highlight of this tour is a stop at Pig Beach to swim with the pigs. On this excursion, you will also see Bahamian rock iguanas, you can swim with nurse sharks, and stop at a secluded beach.

This is great if you are on a time crunch or want a day packed with fun activities!

This Nassau shore excursion tour is the easiest way to get to know the Bahamas’ capital city. This is a great tour to take because YOU don’t have to worry about transportation. It is already taken care of. Listen to the knowledgeable guides as you learn all the rich history of the island.

Visit some of the key points of the city and try different rum, rum cake and chocolates. YUM!

On this unique tour, you will go to six different places to try local food that includes conch fritters! Please note that if you are allergic to anything make a note of when you book the tour so proper accommodations can be made.

Also, you will go to downtown and learn its history in a small tour group that allows your guide to give you personalized attention. This is a great and unique way to get to know the island.

Learn everything that you need to know about Nassau's culture and culinary scene on this half-day tour.

Listen to knowledge guides as you travel between some of the island's top highlights, including the Junkanoo experience, Fort Charlotte, the Queen's Staircase, the Nassau Caves, and much more. Your Jeep Adventure will end at Drifters at Da' Fish Fry where you will taste some local delicacies and learn about the islands' cuisine.

This is an adventure that you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

This is just a simple round up all the fun things that you can do.

There are certainly many more that you do.



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