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Travel Planner Magic!

I used to believe that Travel was an impossibility for me. I'd look up prices for my dream vacation and feel overwhelmed. I'd save up the money for a vacation, just to find out the prices changed or the room category was sold out. Then I'd quit, give up, forget it. Hey, a road trip to Philadelphia sounds fun, I'd convince myself.

Then, I tried a travel agent. I yammered off a bunch of undeveloped travel ideas, dates, and destinations. What she gave me in return was pure magic! A fully developed travel itinerary, a payment due date, and monthly payment plans!!!

The result was, an amazing vacation. Everything was taken care of! All-inclusive resorts, transportation to and from my hotel, VIP airport lounges, and life-changing, breathtaking, amazing, bucket list excursions.

I was so inspired by this experience, I decided to learn the trade. I felt the need to pay it forward. There are so many people that are overwhelmed by the idea of planning a vacation, family reunion, or school trip, I feel the need to help them. So now I sit in my small office here in Charlotte, NC and I plan trips. I create memories. And my favorite trips to plan are for those who thought it was impossible!

-All You Need To Know Is It's Possible.



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