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Tips for Surviving a Long Flight

Surviving a long flight can be difficult, but with a little planning, you can avoid all the boredom and hassles that you might come across when you’re caught in such situations. Before you jump on an all-day/all-night flight check out some do's and don'ts for surviving it.


Just Ask: To begin with, you can always ask for an upgrade from your economy class ticket to business class, economy plus, or even first class. And if no free upgrades are available, consider paying for the upgrade. Upgrading your seat will improve upon your overall flight experience. You will have better legroom, reclining chairs, entertainment, meals, and even more breathing space. Those improvements alone will make your long flight more tolerable.

Bring the Essentials: Make sure you are carrying the things you need to keep yourself entertained. Pack your headphones, especially if you enjoy listening to music. Noise-canceling headphones will also keep plane noise at bay. Since you’ll have your headphones, you can also download your favorite movies, games, and TV shows on your mobile phone/tablet to keep yourself both engaged and entertained until you finally get to your destination.

Stay Comfortable: Another important tip to surviving long-haul flights is to ensure that you are carrying you’re the things that will ensure your comfort. Consider bringing sleep masks, neck pillows, a blanket, warm socks, and your favorite hoodie or sweater. These items will keep you comfortable because you can use and remove them as you see fit.


Keep it Light: While, in-flight gears are important, you must avoid carrying a lot of stuff in your baggage. When you end up bringing in a lot of travel bags and luggage, you will be left with limited legroom and cramped spaces which will eventually leave you annoyed during the journey.

Stay Loose: Don't forget to wear comfortable clothes while on the flight. It is important that you wear breathable and loose-fitting attire to stay comfortable until you get to your destination. Avoiding wearing clothing that is tight and restrictive. As cute as those clothing options might be, they will do nothing for your comfort on a long flight!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Don't forget to stay hydrated. The plane’s filtration system can lead to itchy eyes, dry throat, and dehydration. During a long flight, dehydration can make you feel sick, dizzy, and can even cause you to pass out. Avoid this by simply hydrating throughout your long flight.

Long flights are just a means of getting you to your vacation and creating unforgettable memories. Just because the flights are long doesn’t mean they have to be a miserable experience. Take a few of these tips to get you comfortably to your next destination.



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