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Surviving Holiday Travel

The holiday travel season is upon us.  If you are traveling this holiday season, you may be wondering how you'll survive the madness.  

Have no fear!  Our Holiday Travel Tips Are Here!

Plan Ahead and Do Your Research!

Make your reservations well in advance and pick your flights carefully...if you have to connect, try to pick a connecting airport where the weather might cooperate a little December, ALWAYS choose a connection in Dallas or Atlanta over Chicago or Minneapolis! It's just smart!  If non-stop flights are not an option, pick flights with longer layovers.  This way, you don't have to worry about missing a flight, if your first flight is delayed.

Pack Light, Pack Light, Pack Light!

Oh yeah, we're back on that, but over the holidays it becomes even more important to pack light. The less you have to worry about lugging through the crowded airports, the better. Plus, you can save huge amounts of time, money and stress by fitting your things into an easy-to-maneuver carry-on bag. If you do check luggage, be sure to keep the essentials like medications and important documents with you - just in case!

Ship gifts ahead or give gift cards this year

TSA suggests to always ship wrapped gifts to your destination, or wait until you reach your destination to wrap them. They will have to unwrap and inspect any gift that they can't identify in your carry-on luggage. Plus, you don't want to have to struggle with a heavy suitcase full of gifts through the airport if you are forced to run to make a tight connection

Plan ahead and leave plenty of extra time

Leave home for the airport at least an extra hour ahead of time to allow for traffic, parking, check-in, and security delays. I know no one wants to spend hours in the airport, but better safe than sorry.

Relax, Relate, Release

The neighbor on the airplane who won't be quiet and takes up your armrest, the canceled and delayed flights and the luggage that disappeared between airports will all make for great stories over dinner when you finally make it to your destination and are surrounded by your loved ones. Just breathe, keep your sense of humor and try to let the frustration go....

Listen, holiday travel can be just as much of a tradition to many as sweet potato pie and Hallmark Christmas movies, so use these tips, take deep breaths and Enjoy The Journey.  

Happy Holidays



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