Preparing for International Travel

International travel can be exhausting and stressful sometimes. It doesn't really have to be though. Check out these tips to make it just a little easier for you.

#1: Sleep

This is a given. You should be getting an ample amount of sleep the night before your flight. And bring some melatonin for your flight, especially if it is a long one. You want to feel rested when you get to your destination and not grumpy because of the lack of sleep.

#2: Dress in your Comfy Clothes

Dress in your favorite loungewear because people don’t care what you are wearing. Dress comfortably because you will be sitting in a tight spot for a couple of hours or half a day! You don’t want to be wearing something tight or have a zip/button poking into you. Be as comfy as possible.

#3: Pack Lightly

Pack only the things that you need. I get it. Sometimes you aren’t sure what to pack due to fun activities that are planned or weather conditions, but the last thing that you want is to be hauling an extra-large suitcase that is bulky and heavy.  Not fun. Pack only what you need to make things easier.

#4: Get TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry

If you haven’t heard about TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry, you are in for a special treat. Think of Global Entry as a Disney FastPass that will help you cut the line at security and customs. Save time with both TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry. No more waiting in line and have extra time to walk around the terminals for your last stretch walk break, potty break or time to get that Starbucks before your flight.

#5: Put eyes on your passport.

Before you leave locate your passport.  Make sure it does not have any rips or missing pages. Make sure it does not expire within six months of your travel date.  Be sure to do this inspection at least 6 weeks before you travel.  This way you have time to make any needed corrections without interrupting your travel plans.

#6:  Arrive at the Airport Early

Most airports suggest for you to be at the airport two hours before you depart, but it wouldn’t hurt to get there a bit earlier to avoid the stress of thinking you won’t make your flight.