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How to Pack like a Pro!

Packing is an important part of travel that requires a perfect balance. Pack too lightly and you’ll end up going on a unplanned shopping trip for essentials. Pack too heavy and you’ll be weighed down, paying pricey airline baggage fees. Whether you’re a seasoned jetsetter or a first-time traveler, following these tips will have you travel ready regardless of your itinerary.

  • Make a plan. Before you do anything, you should plan out what you’re going to wear. Start by doing research on your destination’s temperature, local culture, and typical attire for ideas. Start packing weeks before your trip and add an extra outfit just in case. Create a packing list to ensure that you never, ever forget to bring something important.

  • Rock that Roll. Rolling clothes conserves space, reduces wrinkling and makes it easier to find clothes in your suitcase. line them up in your suitcase vertically to maximize space. Try the military roll technique!

  • Keep essential Items in your carry on. Your passport, identification, money, credit cards, jewelry, electronics, a change of clothes and other valuables should always be brought onto the plane with you. Heaven forbid the airline loses your luggage and you’re stuck in an unfamiliar location without important documents or a change of clothing.

  • Invest in packing tools. A well-organized suitcase can hold a lot more than a messy one. Travel organizers not only come in handy for separating out your things (socks and underwear, workout gear, tops, bottoms, etc.), but they can also prove to be major space savers. Other packing aids that can help you organize better and fit more into your bag include packing envelopes and space compression bags.

  • Know your airline's baggage-fee policies. Knowing your airlines' baggage-fee policies is key to any budget-minded travel strategy. While most airlines permit travelers to check at least one bag on international flights, the majority of U.S. carriers charge big bucks for bags checked on domestic flights.

  • Ziploc bags comes in handy. Keep liquids from exploding in your bag by placing them in Sandwich bags. They must be no larger than one quart in volume (1 litre in Europe) and they must be clear (see-through). They are required by airport security worldwide so they are an essential item. You can read more about the liquids rules in this article


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Shania M
Shania M
Sep 24, 2022

First time reading this, thanks for sharing

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