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My Favorite Travel Apps of All Time!

Since it’s the age of technology, we all know that no matter what you’re thinking, there’s an app for that.  Travel is no different. There are plenty of apps to make your travel experience a little smoother. Here are the one's that I absolutely ❤️

Mobile Passport

The mobile passport app is a free app that helps you speed through your customs experience. Download it and enter your passport info prior to your vacation.  You are then able to complete your customs declarations form on the app instead of that paper they give you in flight. When you reach customs, you head to an expedited line for mobile passport users.  Upgrade for $15.00 annually and you can save your passport info in the app and never have to enter it again! But make no mistake, you still must carry your passport with you during travel.

Priority Pass

Ever try and find a seat before your flight?  Did it feel a little crowded and cramped? Did you wish you could find a quiet and comfortable place to wait for takeoff?  Well, that’s where Priority pass comes in. Priority pass is an app that stores the information of over 1300 airport lounges.  Schedule a stay before you fly or check in on the spot, you just need to check priority pass for availability and lounge location.

Airline App

The major airlines have apps that are packed full of perks.  Before take-off, check-in for your flight, change your seat assignments and check flight status.  Once you take off, if your airplane allows it, access complimentary movies, tv shows, and other entertainment.  You can even preorder food, make flight changes, or track your bags. And these apps are free free free!


What to tip?  Who to tip? When to tip? How much to tip?  Trying to figure out tipping can be a hassle.  In some places like Japan, your tip will be rejected.  But then you get to Vegas and everyone expects a tip for everything.  And I mean EVERYTHING! What are you to do? Download Piper and enter your destination to read all about tipping expectations.  It’s great to be able to know before you go.

My Currency Converter.

It is a very simple currency converter, and a great tool to have while traveling. It supports over 150 different currencies from all around the world.  It even supports BitCoin, LiteCoin, and Dogecoin! If you're traveling, you can find out how much your currency is worth pretty easily and quickly. Bonus!! It even works if you aren't connected to the internet!

All Trails

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know I love to hike.  Everywhere I go, I’m looking for a trail. All trails is perfect for that.  Put in your location and what type of hike you’re looking for and find your perfect match.  Whether you want a scenic low-intensity walk or a moderate mountain hike with a view of a waterfall, you’ll find it here.  

These are just some of my favorites.  There are a ton of others. Do you guys have any favorites?  Send me a message and let me know, maybe I’ll do a part 2.



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