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Let Me Upgrade You

When planning a trip for you we always consider all the information you have given us including your budget. Every attempt is made to operate within the limits of your budget and still provide you with an amazing experience. The next time you are creating your vacation budget, consider some of the upgrades that are sure to improve your all around vacation experience.

When you receive a quote from Travel Bugz, we always include transportation to your hotel, and back to the airport at the end of your stay. Depending on the budget guidelines you give us, we may arrange for shared transportation. Shared transportation usually involves a van with multiple travelers. The van may stop at several different resorts/hotels before dropping you off, but you will not have to worry about calling a cab or Uber to get to your destination. This will be taken care of for you.

Upgrade: Instead of a shared transport, you could have a private transfer. A driver would greet you, take you to a sedan, and take you straight to your resort/hotel. No stops in between, and no sharing of space with other travelers. The price for private transfers can be split between up to 6 passengers in your party.

A stay at an all-inclusive resort is a great vacation option. You will have all the food you can imagine. There are usually several restaurants to choose from; even your alcoholic beverages are included. Clubs, shows, and coordinated activities will keep you entertained. And if you're feeling adventurous you can participate in some motorized water activities.

Upgrade: Consider venturing off the resort. You can have an unforgettable excursion arranged as part of your trip. Your bucket list items are not out of reach. Zip-lining, culinary tours, rafting, ATV ride, local tours, snorkeling, are all within reach. Excursions vary in price and availability, but are normally very affordable.

Depending on your budget, your package price may include a standard room. Standard rooms usually have the same privileges of the other rooms on the resort, but will have either no view or balcony, or they may have a view of the courtyard.

Upgrade: Instead, consider upgrading and opting for a room with a view. We suggest rooms with a stunning view of the ocean. Imagine waking up every morning of your vacation and looking directly at the ocean. Or even better, having breakfast by room service on your balcony that faces the ocean.

It's true, upgrades will cost more. However, upgrades will also increase the quality of your trip and the memories of your trip. So, start planning your trip as early as possible. Planning early will ensure that you have the time to pay for some of the upgrades mentioned here. And of course, if Travel Bugz plans your vacation, you can start with a small deposit and pay for your trip in increments.



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