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5 Tips for planning a Girl's Trip You'll Never Forget

Invite Friends You Know Will Get Along

Nothing spoils a trip faster, then bad vibes. Inviting everyone for fear of hurting feelings, because it leads to a polarized group and back-chatting. To avoid conflicts with those that don’t get invited, made sure to contact them, explain why, and make it up to them later.

Get the Gals in Formation!

When planning a trip, make sure your girls are included every step of the way. Create a group chat for everyone to make it easier to prep and make decisions quickly. If several people planning at the same time gets too overwhelming, you could opt for a Mystery Trip. Its when the group decides a date and a budget, and one person handles the planning (from flights to lodging to meals), only revealing the destination to the rest of the friends right before they leave. Make sure to plan at least a year in advance!

Find out what your friends need.

Everyone has an idea of what they want to do on the trip and where they want to go, but drill down to the root of the intention of this trip. If everyone’s been booked and busy working for months, consider an unplugged vacation, like a trip to the Caribbean. If your friends are overwhelmed with family duties, then it’s time to indulge yourselves with spa treatments. And if you haven't had some fun in a while, plan a out of town getaway.

Try Something New

A girl's trip is something you and your girlfriends will remember forever, so do something memorable. if you always take trips to certain city, shake it up and try looking into other option. While traditions are great, this trip is a good time to get out of your comfort zone. Try new foods, Check out local bars, do something your curious about!

Keep things Fair and Balanced

If three people want the biggest room, think about how they can split it. If you have a vegan friend, make sure to look into dietary options that fit her needs. Consider these things ahead of time to avoid conflict Another way to ensure fairness is to set some house rules like anything in the fridge is communal property, unless it’s labeled. No dishes left in the sink overnight. When the group goes out to eat, the check will be split X ways. Misunderstandings can be avoid by laying out a set of rules



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