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How To Be Fly When You Fly

Travel can make for a very long day. And as much as I would love to look my best in the airport, my desire for comfort always seems to win. So what are my options? Be fabulous and uncomfortable or frumpy and cozy? Well I think there is a way to do both. Here are my happy mediums.

Tops: Instead of a tight and comfortable top, opt for a t-shirt. And i don’t mean any t-shirt. Find a funny graphic tee to help express your individuality and personality. They are super cute, soft and comfortable. Give it extra style by tying a cute cardigan, denim blouse, or light jacket around your waist. This way when you get on the cold plane, you’ll warm up in style.

Bottoms: Well jeans are a no no for me. As cute as they are the are just not comfortable for long flights or even drives. Sweat pants are comfortable but are cute enough to be fly while you fly? Maybe. But how about a pair of leggings? They are both cute and comfortable.

They can be paired with just about any top or shoe. If you are just in love with the idea of jeans, maybe try a pair of soft jeggings so you can have the best of both worlds.

Shoes: There are lots of great options for shoes. The key is easy on and easy off. Remember shoes have to come off for TSA security checks. You can accomplish this with slide on sandals, ballet flats, and even smart sneakers (slip ons).

Don’t overlook dresses. I sounds weird at first maybe. But what could be more comfortable than a jersey maxi dress? Listen, I wore one on my flight to Jamaica and I was so comfortable in my long soft dress. I tied a cardigan around my waist for extra style and warmth and I packed a pair of warm socks in my carry on to keep me warm during the flight.

Bonuses. Accessorize if the styles aren’t fabulous enough for you yet.

1. Get that pop of color and drama with a scarf.

2. Add drama to your travel ensemble with funky jewelry.

3. No time for makeup? Pretend you are a celebrity and wear sunglasses.

4. The ultimate accessory is your carry-on bag. Take this opportunity to show your style and personality.

While I’m not quite ready for bandage dresses and stilettos at the airport, I think there are tons of wait to still keep it cute and comfy on travel days.

What’s your comfy and cute travel style?



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