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Here Comes The Bride

I went to a destination wedding recently. And the entire time I was there I just kept having conflicting thoughts about them. They are either a really great thing or a terrible idea all together. I know that’s not very helpful. I kinda sound like the weathermen in Connecticut where I’m from. It will either snow a lot or a little.

Ok let me explain.

There were these moments where I felt like the destination wedding I was at was a really bad idea.

1. When I had to attend the pre wedding events. So, at some points when you are on the resort, it feels like you are just on vacation. I was enjoying the beach, the food, and the entertainment. And boom! I got the schedule of events for the day. And just like that, all of my plans were done! And this bride didn’t even have that many events. Just a meet and greet for everyone attending and a complimentary make-up session for all the women in the party. But those 2 little things situated in the middle of our day, took away a lot of time from our “vacation.”

2. When we got the itinerary and PRICE. You really don’t have much control of your “vacation” when you attend a destination wedding. The resort and dates are preselected. Most brides (and maybe grooms, but mostly brides) want to be married in a beautiful place. And in Jamaica and the most beautiful places are the most expensive. So if you are a person who values your wallet over your view, you might be out of luck.

3. When I realized all of their family didn’t make it. Some people just wouldn’t be able to do it. Maybe the total cost was just too much for them. Maybe they couldn’t get the time off work. Or maybe there were family and friends that just don’t fly. Either way it is inevitable that some people will not be able to attend a destination wedding. There is just no way around it.

And then

There were these times, where I felt like the destination wedding was the best thing in the world, I mean, pure magic.

1. When I realized how much money the bride and groom probably saved. Instead of paying per plate, a wedding venue, decorations, dj, etc. Destinations are all inclusive. You pick a package and everything is all taken care of. And depending on how many guests book at the resort, you may get the whole thing for free. The bride and groom could’ve even gotten a free honeymoon. That sure beats pay thousands of dollars for a wedding at home.

2. Even with the interruptions, you still are on vacation. I know I complained about the break up of my vacation, but the fact remains that I was on vacation. AND I was on vacation in a beautiful place. There is no denying that at all. I would go to a thousand weddings if it meant I could go back there.

3. The wedding was like a fairytale. It was outdoors on the beach. It was right at sunset. Su, sand, flowers, soft music played,and the bride was gorgeous. I was happy that I got to see it. And afterwards the reception/party was great, complete with free drinks since we were at an all inclusive resort

So as you can see, I’m conflicted. And I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer. I’m not sure if it would be the right choice for me, but it sure was a good time!



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