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Foodie Daydreaming

Since we're still not traveling yet, I thought it might be a great time to reminisce. It's also a good time to daydream. So let's reminisce about the great foods we've experienced around the world. And even better let's daydream about the foods we plan to experience in the future while traveling.

Pho is a delicious Vietnamese soup that anyone can enjoy on a cold and dreary day. If you haven’t tried this soup, you are missing out on the yumminess of beef cuts getting cooked in its mouthwatering broth with chewy rice noodles and topped with jalapenos.

If you love carbs - pasta is a must especially the spaghetti with meatballs covered in marinara sauce. You can never go wrong with this classic Italian dish that has been a comfort food for many for years and years. And of course, you can always get a slice of garlic bread to accompany it.

Speaking of carbs!!! Who doesn't love pizza? You can never go wrong with a slice or two of pepperoni pizza. This universal favorite pizza is a great

option for any meal. I know a few people who would even pick this as a breakfast option. The best part of pizza is that you can your crust stuffed with cheese or pick the

thickness of the crust. So many yummy options

Mexican Tamales are the bomb and the best part of them is you can pick whatever filling you want! Whether that’s pork, beef, chicken, pineapple with brown sugar, peppers, and much more. Drench them with some homemade salsa and you are set. And if you're feeling wild grab some pico de gallo, guac, and rice!


Foodie Favorite #5: Sushi

Sushi can be an acquired taste but it is a great option for vegetarians and vegans too! You can fill sushi up with any type of sea meat or veggies. Dip into soy sauce or wasabi or ginger and call it a day!

What are some of your picks?



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