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Disney On A Budget

As you know, Disney is expensive. There is not much that can be done about that. If you are planning a trip to Disney, you should also plan to spend a significant amount of money. But all hope is not lost. If you Disney planning is coming up just shy of your budget, here are a few things you can do to cut costs and make it to the Happiest place on earth. And it really is the happiest place on earth.

1. Stay off resort. Disney has some wonderful resorts. They are right on the resort and you can normally walk out your door to the tram that takes you to the park of your choice. But it is not necessary to stay there especially if your needing to save a little money. There are plenty of hotel options that don’t have the Disney Resort prices, but still keep you close to the action. And if you are traveling with a large family, these properties off resort often have 2-3 bedrooms with full kitchen and living room.

2. Make sure the hotel you pick has a shuttle. Many of these properties that are not located on Disney property will provide you with complimentary shuttle service to the the Disney property. They normally run on a normal schedule and run until after the fireworks have concluded.

3. Get a base ticket. Disney offers a base ticket where you go to one park per day. You can also get the more expensive park hopper option. This means you can visit multiple parks in one day. Let me tell you. The parks are huge, the sun is hot, and the lines are long. If you are watching your wallet, get the base ticket. You will likely be too tired to even think about going to another park anyway.

4. Bring food. Try to avoid purchasing meals at the park. Or limit the amount of food you need to purchase by bringing your own lunch. Yes you are allowed to bring food into the park as long as it is not alcoholic, not in a glass container, or in need of reheating. When you leave the park, you can search for less expensive meals.

5. Take a day off. If you are in town for 5 days, maybe go to the park for 3 days. The other days you can rest. You can check out the sites around Disney. Maybe visit Seaworld. If you’ve picked a nice resort they will have great pool options, free movie rentals, kids clubs, and even maybe a waterslide. You’ve already paid for those perks, so why not take advantage.

Believe it or not, these tips definitely add up to savings. And for some they make a Disney Vacation possible.

Ready to start planning your next Disney Vacation?



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