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Choose Kindness.

So something has been bothering me a little bit.  By now you probably already heard of the tragic story out of Puerto Rico.  A toddler fell from a high window on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Tragically she did not survive. What was meant to be an amazing family vacation has turned into a nightmare for 1 family.  

In the days following the tragedy, several reports came out.  One stated the girl’s grandfather playfully dangled her out of the window and then lost his grip.  Another story says he assumed the window was closed and leaned her up against it so she could see and then she fell. Either way you look at it, this is a tragedy.

And now we look to social media.  And even the media. The backlash towards the grandfather has been bothersome and cruel.  People are calling him names and saying he should be imprisoned. Some have even called for his death.  But here’s what I believe.

The family will never be the same.  They lost a child in an unexpected and public manner.  She is not coming back and things for that family will never ever be the same. 

For the rest of his life that grandfather will have to live with the fact he played a part in the death of his grandchild.

So instead of calling names and suggesting prison, I suggest we take another route.  I say we choose kindness. I say we remember that a family has lost a child. I say we respect the fact that while we are judging, they are grieving.  So instead of following the cruel trends of social media, let’s shower this family with compassion and love and pray that somehow, some way, they will get through this difficult time. 



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