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Are Budget Airlines Really Cheaper

So there is a lot of back and forth about budget airlines.  By budget airline I am referring to Spirit, Frontier, Allegiant, etc. Some people love them and get the best deals from them.  Others hate them and say they have the worst experience flying that way.  So I decided to try one for myself. 

I flew on Frontier Airlines nonstop on a short domestic flight. The ticket was $88.00.  A great price, I can’t deny that.  Once I arrived at the airport, I inquired about the price to check my bag. It was a whopping $40.00.  Wow!! But that’s ok, my bag was small enough to carry on right? Wrong!  In order to use the overhead bin you’d have to pay. That price is also $40.00.  The only free carry on items are those that can be stored under your seat like a back pack.

Now the boarding. Seat selection is not included in your ticket price.  On my particular flight it was $25.00 to select a seat.  So let’s say I checked a bag, carried a bag on, and selected my seat.  I would have paid an additional $105.00 bringing my $88.00 ticket price to $193.00.  

The worst part for me, was the in-flight service, (you know that cookie and soda you normally get?) was not free.  I would’ve had to pay for that too.

Bottom line.  The flight was smooth and on time.  If you are able to pack light, don’t mind sitting in the middle seat, and can bring your own snacks, this might be a good option for you.  I personally can’t see myself taking a long flight or a flight with connections via a budget airline.  But a short nonstop flight where I can get away with just a book bag, why not?



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