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A Myrtle Beach Getaway

I just love the beach. For just about every birthday for a few years now, I go to the beach. A few years ago it was Jamaica last year I was in Hawaii. But every year can’t be an expensive trip even though I still want to take time to go to the beach for my birthday. In comes Myrtle Beach.

So this year instead of spending a lot of money on a trip and taking a lot of time that I didn’t have to spend, I decided to get in my car, pack up my things and spend a few days at Myrtle Beach. Here are some reasons that make Mrytle a great getaway destination.

  • It’s easy to get to. So for me living in Charlotte North Carolina, it took about 3 1/2 hours to drive to Myrtle Beach. No expensive plane ticket. And on the way, there are lots of places to stop to eat and rest if you need it and there are lots of different scenic routes you can take. I spent almost no time on the highway I took all back roads and I faced very little traffic.

  • Accommodations. Because I wasn’t taking an expensive trip I wanted my friends and family to be there for my birthday. A lot of times if you travel internationally and you have a big family unit traveling together you’ll have to get two rooms or two cabins. This is not an issue in Myrtle Beach. Many hotels have suites that accommodate up to 8 to 10 people. In Myrtle Beach, we decided to stay at the Royal Palms. These are individually owned condominiums in one building maintained by Hilton. We had a three-bedroom suite complete with one room with a king bed, two bedrooms with two double beds, and a pull out sofa in the living room. We also had a full kitchen, washer and dryer, 3 bathrooms,  and access to about six other hotel properties' amenities. So whether you have two people or a large family, Myrtle Beach will have accommodations that will suit your particular needs.

  • Activities. It is true that Myrtle Beach overall is a pretty laid-back city. But no matter what you find to be fun there will be an activity for you. Do you like nightlife? Head on over to Broadway at the beach and have a couple of drinks at Senior frogs or visit club Oz. Do you like adventure? Well, check out the ropes course or the zip lining at the beach. Like to ride rides? There are several amusement parks and fairs always going on during vacation season. Wanna check out some museums? How about Ripleys Believe it or not or the wax museum? Looking for some good dining opportunities? Have a sit down at Thorny‘s steakhouse or my absolute favorite Miyabi, Japanese hibachi restaurant. As I said before there is plenty to do in this little laid-back city.

Overall Myrtle Beach is a destination with a lot of options for people of all ages.  I personally had a great birthday at the beach, and I can't wait to go back.



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